Table 1: Major infectious diseases in Africa in alphabetical order.

Disease name Disease genre Disease burden (estimated cases/death)*
Amebiasis Parasitic disease 70,000 deaths
Cholera Bacterial disease 3-5 million/100,000-120,000 deaths
Dengue Viral disease 390 million/indetermination
Ebola Viral disease 15,000 deaths
Giardiasis Parasitic disease Indetermination
Guinea-Worm Parasitic disease Indetermination
Hepatitis Viral disease Hepatitis A: 1.4 million cases
Hepatitis B: 240 million cases/780,000 deaths
Hepatitis C: 130-150 million cases/350,000 to 500,000 deaths
Hepatitis E: 20 million cases/56,600 deaths
HIV/AIDS Viral disease 35 million cases/1.5 million deaths
Hookworm Parasitic disease Indetermination
Leishmaniasis Parasitic disease 1.3 million cases/20,000 to 30,000 deaths
Lymphatic Filariasis Parasitic disease 120 million cases
Malaria Parasitic disease 198 million cases/584,000 deaths (2013)
Onchocerciasis Parasitic disease Indetermination
Polio Viral disease 416 cases (2013)
Schistosomiasis Parasitic disease 20,000 to 200,000 deaths
Syphilis Viral disease Indetermination
Trypanosomiasis Parasitic disease 6314 cases (2013)
Tuberculosis Bacterial disease 9 million cases/1.5 million (2013)
Typhoid Bacterial disease 22 million cases/216,500 deaths (2011)
Yellow Fever Viral disease 200,000 cases/30,000 deaths

*The data are cited from WHO website accessed May 23rd, 2017.