Table 1: Timeline of Staphylococcus aureus antibiotic resistance [11].

Antibiotic Year Antibiotic Introduced Year Resistance Identified Notes
Penicillin 1943 1940 Penicillinase, a highly potent plasmid-encoded β-lactam ring hydrolyzer, was extracted from naturally resistant strains of S. aureus samples, collected before its clinical use
Methicillin 1960 1962 Before widespread use, resistance to Celbenin (Methicillin) was noted in clinical isolates obtained from skin lesions and anterior nares of hospitalized patients with no previous exposure to the drug.
Linezolid 2000 2001
Vancomycin 1972 2002 Resistance development evolved slowly over time with MIC creeps, therapeutic failures, VISA then VRSA
Ceftaroline 2010 2011