Table 3: Antibiotics for Vancomycin Resistant Staph aureus [17,34,49-51].

Table 3a: Oxazolidinones.

Drug Name Year FDA Approved Notes
Linezolid 2000

• Protein synthesis inhibition through P site binding of ribosomal 50S subunit interfering with peptidyl transferase and peptide bond formation.

• Resistance profile is superior to other protein synthesis inhibitors.

• Rare oxazolidinone resistance due to alterations of 23S rRNA has been reported but remains uncommon.

• IDSA recommends usage in persistent MRSA bacteremia or vancomycin treatment failure.

• Treatment failures have been noted in adults.

Tedizolid phosphate 2014

• A second-generation oxazolidinone with superior activity against resistant Gram-positive organisms compared with linezolid.

• FDA approved for ABSSI