Table 3: Caprini prophylaxis regimens [8].

Prophylaxis Regimen
Total Risk Factor Score Incidence of DVT Risk Level Prophylaxis Regimen
0-1 < 10% Low Risk No specific measures; early ambulation
2 10-20% Moderate Risk ES or IPC or LDUH, or LWMH
3-4 20-40% High Risk IPC or LDUH, or LMWH alone or in combination with ES or IPC
5 or more 40-80% 1-5% mortality Highest Risk Pharmacological: LDUH, LMWH, Warfarin, or Fac Xa alone or in combination with ES or IPC

ES: Elastic Stockings; IPC: Intermittent Pneumatic Compression; LDUH: Low Dose Unfractionated Heparin; LMWH: Low Molecular Weight Heparin; Fac Xa: Factor X Inhibitor.