ClinMed - Why Us!

Following the prime notions of its professional philosophy, ClinMed strives to create a cloud-based repository where credible, genuine, and authentic information pertaining to various operational facets and professional disciplines of clinical and medical research can be imparted for global perusal.

The information imparted through authentic and credible research articles published online on our open-access library is freely accessible to readers without any restrictions.

ClinMed seeks to evolve a professional discourse that benefits students, researchers, scholars, and professionals related to the clinical and medical domain as well as providing ample benefits to the authors seeking to publish their work with ClinMed.

Here are a few of the many cynosures on our profile that makes ClinMed International stand apart in the pool of open access journals and online repositories.

Preservation Of Author's Rights

ClinMed allows the authors to hold complete ownership and copyrights of their work published on our open-access library.

Global Outreach And WIdespread Exposure

ClinMed International strives to build a strong network of clinical and medical students, professionals, and researchers through its open access platform. We do this to help brainstorm ideas and carve new horizons to elevate the quality and stature of the research conducted in clinical and medical domains to entirely new altitudes. This promises an immense global exposure to the author and the published work.

NonCommercial Objectives

ClinMed International has established its professional philosophy on absolutely non-commercial objectives. ClinMed believes in the equal and unbiased provision of opportunities and exposure, negating the consumption of monetary, intrinsic, or extrinsic benefits to promote a specific research. We believe that the commercialization of open access repositories breaches the sanctity of reach which we take as our prime obligation to maintain the value and credibility of research in the literal and truest meaning of the terms. Hence, we negate the idea of imposing any restrictions to the scope of knowledge and learning and allow free-access to the articles and research publications without any confinements or limitations.

Competent Editorial Board

ClinMed International has a competent editorial board comprised of eminent researchers and professionals from clinical and medical domains. Our editorial board peruses all submissions and provides honest feedbacks and reviews on each manuscript submission.

Global Followership

ClinMed International Library has a sound global followership comprised of students, researchers, professionals, practitioners, and all those associated with the clinical and medical domains. This global community of clinical and medical professionals is competent in their own respective disciplines and thus, fosters a competitive and collaborative environment of reviews, suggestions, recommendations, and feedbacks on each research work and publication.

Fluent Query/Feedback Mechanism

ClinMed has a fluent query and feedback mechanism which is executed on secure digital gateways. ClinMed preserves the confidentiality of information shared by the author from the stage of manuscript submission to the final approval. It maintains a coherent pattern of communications with the author with regards to the manuscript review and status of the process.

Legitimized Open Access

The research publications and relevant information shared on the ClinMed's Open Access Portal is abided for use and sharing as per the defining attributes of the Creative Commons Attribute License. ClinMed allows free and open accessibility to the readers seeking knowledge through our extensive and open access repository of online articles and journals.

Neutral And Unbiased Publishing Process

ClinMed incorporates a neutral and unbiased approach to its professional ethics and ensures that all manuscripts, drafts, and other works submitted are processed through equitable, unbiased, and absolutely neutral parameters. We do this to ensure an unwavering stature of integrity and credibility of the research information and publications shared on our global open access portal.