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Author Guidelines

ClinMed International Library welcomes all authors and research scholars to publish their original, authentic, and credible work on our globally-accessible and open-access online portal. The ClinMed International Library is an extensive online repository of research publications, reviews, case studies and study protocols, commentaries, and editorials related to the field of clinical and medical research.

ClinMed practices a set of prime requisites to ensure the relevancy, cogency, and originality of the data and information shared on its online open access portal. Therefore, while we allow the authors, scholars, and researches bear complete copyrights for their work published online, we expect them to abide by the following requisites and comply with ClinMed's standard criterion prior to submitting their draft for publication.

ClinMed's Requisites for Work Submission

ClinMed is an open access repository of clinical and medical journals and publishes credible and genuine research articles online. It does not publish any research, journal, or article that has been published elsewhere. We believe in the originality of content;therefore, the draft submitted for publication should be original. Any draft that has already been published, or is under consideration by any other journal or open access forum, will be immediately declined.

The content of the draft must be original and not a copied or paraphrased version of some other work. The factual data, figures, and statistics included in the draft must be original and authentic.

The content must comply with the standard referencing and citation criterion.

Any non-fictitious case of a patient, a human case object, or any supporting case must be given due credit and backed by permission and approval from the concerned authorities.

The author must provide a proper rationale in case the draft is a replica or extension of a previously published piece of work.

Standards and Guidelines for Manuscript Submission

ClinMed International Library follows a standard format for manuscript submissions.

Length: ClinMed follows specific minimum lengths for various research genres that are;

Original Article (5000 words)

Reviews (5000 words)

Cases (4000 words)

Short Communication (2500 words)

Mini Review (2500 words)

Short Note (1500 words)

Perspective/Opinions (1500 words)

Editorials (1500 words)

Letters (1000 words)

Clinical Images (500 words), excluding references and citations.

Format: All manuscripts must ideally be submitted in DOC, DOCX, PDF, or RTF formats.

Order and Arrangement of Components: The manuscript must compriseof the following components arranged in the following order:




Abstract (up to 300 words)


Abbreviations (Optional)


Manuscript Body Text


Ethical Statement (for research work using human or animal studies)



Supplementary files

Plagiarism Policy

ClinMed International believes in preserving the integrity and sanctity of research and holds a high disregard for plagiarism. A manuscript found containing plagiarized content shall be immediately rejected.

Submission and Post-Submission Correspondence

Online Submission: ClinMed accepts manuscript submission on its online portal. The authors can submit their manuscript in prescribed format along with a cover letter at ClinMed's Online Submission System.

Email Submission: The authors can also submit their manuscripts via email at contact@ClinMedlib.org.

Upon receiving the submission, ClinMed issues an acknowledgment which is sent to the author's email address and encourages any further correspondence or queries from the author in this regard. All submissions, after confirmation, are processed forward to ClinMed's Peer Review System for scrutiny and evaluations.

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