Article Reprints

Our reprints service will enable you to purchase print copies of individual articles as well as complete issues. Custom reprint options are also available.

Reprint structure

The reprints are an exact replica of the published article. All reprints are printed double-sided on premium 170GSM glossy paper in multiples of 100 copies. Title page covers may be included. These covers include the publisher's logo, article title, author name(s), and citation information. Reprints are saddle stitched unless the article is three to four pages, in which case the reprint is folded. Customers may purchase standard reprints in color.


Standard reprints are shipped within 10-12 business days from proof approval. Fast schedule reprints are shipped within 5-6 business days from proof approval for an additional fee. Orders can be shipped to more than one shipping location. Orders delivered to you via DHL express courier worldwide shipping service. We can track your shipment status at any time.

Place an order

Reprints are administered and produced by Department Press. The price of reprints depends on the number of pages in the article, the number of reprints ordered, whether the reprints contain color, if need addition of your product information or logo.

For information or to place an order, write to our department: