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Peer Review Process

ClinMed International Library strives to ensure the integrity and cogency of research data and believes that knowledge and information should be sifted through a process of stringent scrutiny and meticulous reviews before it is imparted on our portal for global perusal.

We value quality as the paramount essence of our service. To ensure that we comply with our self-established standards of quality, transcendence and integrity of research, we have a competent team of invigilators and reviewers on board to review all the information submitted by the authors for verifying its relevancy and credibility.

The ClinMed Methodology

All articles submitted by the authors undergo a methodical and scrupulous process. Our affiliated Peer Reviewers assess them through a critical lens which is based on multiple parameters before giving their consent for publication. Our Peer Review System is comprised of a 4-stage sequential process.

The article needs to be submitted in a standard format and is primarily tested for the originality of the content and scientific evidence before sending it forward for Peer Review.

Stage 1: Original Submission and Acceptance

The article should be backed by 3 primary reviews and recommendations before claiming an endorsement from the editor for publishing it online in its original state. A submission can only be exempted from extensive scrutiny and revisions if the author has had his work reviewed by at least 3 research fellows, scholars or peers.

In such a case, the editor overviews the manuscript and if the original draft meets the editor's criteria, the editor forwards it to the ClinMed's editorial office with their recommendations. Further correspondence with the author in this regard is directly performed by ClinMed's editorial office.

Stage 2: Elementary Revision

If the original submission is not backed by at least 3 credible reviews, the editor reviews the manuscript and suggests a few revisions to be made by the author before endorsing it for publishing online. As soon as the author complies with the suggested edits and gets back with the revised draft, the editor, along with his recommendations, forwards it to the ClinMed Library. Further correspondence in this regard is carried directly between the author and ClinMed's editorial board.

Stage 3: Extensive Revision

Even if the submission is based on 2 reviews but fails to meet the requisite criterion set by the editors, the draft is kept on hold. The submission is neither rejected nor approved. After review, the editor formulates his/her own recommendations and corresponds it to ClinMed's editorial board, along with the withheld draft.

The ClinMed's editorial board conducts further correspondence with the author. The author is advised to thoroughly revise the draft and is asked to attach a written explanation about how the edits, reviews, and suggestions have been addressed. The ClinMed's editorial board then gets back to the editor with the revised draft for a final and more stringent review.

Stage 4: Approval or Decline

Based on the reviews, the editor peruses the final submission and evaluates the revisions. If the author has addressed all discerning areas as suggested in the reviews, the editor endorses and approves the draft for publishing on the ClinMed International Library.

Otherwise, the draft is rejected and the editor notifies ClinMed International that the draft has been permanently declined for approval, with no revisions in this regard to be considered thereafter.

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