Al Ubaidi BA (2018) Social Networking Sites (SNSs) Addiction. J Fam Med Dis Prev 4:089.


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REVIEW ARTICLE | OPEN ACCESS DOI: 10.23937/2469-5793/1510089

Social Networking Sites (SNSs) Addiction

Basem Abbas Al Ubaidi*

Consultant Family Physician, Arabian Gulf University (AGU), Kingdom of Bahrain


Social Networking Sites (SNSs) in our lives are an essential computer-generated combination regarded as a 'global customer phenomenon'. In recent times, as statistics have shown, this phenomenon daily records a dramatic increase in its users. It is a state of mental addiction, an illness if you may so call it for some users. It has been noted that some extroverts use social networks for social augmentation, whereas introverts use it for social compensation. Addicted customers mostly deal with low conscientiousness and high narcissism, and in the same vein, it has been noticed addiction harms their social, academic and relationship lives.