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 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2377-9004/1410244

Technique for Minimally Invasive Treatment of Gestational Uterine Incarceration: A Case Series and Literature Review

Kassandra Colletta, MD, Zachary Selzler, MD, Jacqueline Jacobs Vogel, MD and Glendell de Guzman, MD

Article Type: Case Report | First Published: 2023/07/07

Uterine incarceration is a rare condition that can develop during pregnancy when an enlarging retroverted uterus becomes entrapped within the maternal pelvis. Diagnosis can be challenging as it often presents with vague symptoms, but identification and treatment are crucial for both the developing pregnancy and long-term maternal morbidity. Repositioning of the retroverted uterus is necessary for the development of normal pregnancy and can occur spontaneously, but oftentimes manual repositioning...

 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2377-9004/1410243

Atypical Sites of Endometriosis: Primary Inguinal Cutaneous Endometriosis

CULEJ DIANA1*, Bursać D1,2, Perković P1, Duić Ž1,3 and Gašparov S

Article Type: Case Report | First Published: 2023/07/05

Endometriosis is a chronic inflammatory disease defined as the presence of endometrium-like tissue outside the uterus. It is mostly found in women of reproductive age. Depending on the involved site, women can present with various symptoms. We report a case of rare, atypical site of endometriosis - primary inguinal cutaneous endometriosis. A 27-year-old woman presented to our Deparment with a history of a painful, firm, movable, subcutaneous nodule 1 × 1 cm of size in the right inguinum. ...

 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2377-9004/1410242

Immune Hemolytic Anemia Associated with Prophylactic Use of Cefotetan during Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Jennifer WH Wong, MD, Toya S Gordon, MD and Olga Ramm, MD, MS

Article Type: Case Report | First Published: 2023/05/19

We describe the first case of cefotetan-induced immune hemolytic anemia (IHA) following sacrocolpopexy. A 65-year-old female status post uncomplicated sacrocolpopexy presented on postoperative day 15 for worsening fatigue. Her exam was notable for jaundice and icteric sclerae. Hemoglobin and hematocrit were 5.5 g/dL and 17.2%, respectively and direct anti-globin test was positive. ...

 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2377-9004/1410241

Spontaneous Uterine Rupture in Non-Gravid Uterus 10 Years after Caesarean Section

Maria Liz Coelho, Elisa Soares, Fabiana Castro, Cristina Carrapatoso and Isabel Meireles

Article Type: Case Report | First Published: 2023/05/18

A 36-year-old woman, with a history of caesarean section 10 years prior to the presenting episode, presents with major abnormal uterine bleeding. The patient denied any trauma history. Gynecological examination confirmed heavy uterine haemorrhage and transvaginal ultrasound revealed active hemorrhage originating from a vessel in uterine isthmus region, as well as the presence of fluid in the anterior cul-de-sac, suggesting moderate hemoperitoneum due to hysterorrhaphy uterine rupture....

 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2377-9004/1410240

A Case Report of Repeat Methotrexate Failure in Ectopic Pregnancy during In Vitro Fertilization

Carmine Guynn, PA-S and Kevin Alten, MD

Article Type: Case Report | First Published: April 14, 2023

Patients who undergo assisted reproductive technology, specifically in vitro fertilization (IVF), are at an increased risk of developing ectopic pregnancy. 90% are successfully treated with either single dose or multi-dose methotrexate intervention....

 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2377-9004/1410239

Cesarean Delivery in Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Dependent COVID-19 Parturients: A Case Report

Sannoor S Syed, MD, Abigail O Souryal, MD, Emily H Adhikari, MD, Kelechi B Anyaehie, MD, Joo H Shin, MD, Miakka N Jalloh, MD, Matthew J Leveno, MD, Pamela E Fox, MD and Olutoyosi T Ogunkua, MD

Article Type: Case Report | First Published: April 13, 2023

This case report describes two cases of unvaccinated pregnant patients with COVID-19 who progressed to ARDS requiring Venovenous (VV)-ECMO and successfully underwent cesarean delivery. The patients provided Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act authorization and consent to publish these reports. This article conforms to case report (CARE) guidelines....

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