Javier MD, Miguel GBJ, Silvia LA, Inmaculada AMA (2018) A Complicated Tonsillitis: Lemierre's Syndrome. Int Arch Intern Med 2:004.


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CASE REPORT | OPEN ACCESS DOI: 10.23937/iaim-2017/1710004

A Complicated Tonsillitis: Lemierre's Syndrome

Moreno Díaz Javier*, García Bruñén Jose Miguel, Loscos Aranda Silvia and Arenas Miquelez Aránzazu Inmaculada

Internal Medicine Service, University Hospital Miguel Servet, Spain


Lemierre's syndrome is a rare complication of tonsillitis, with septic emboli and jugular vein thrombosis. We present a case in a young adult without immune deficiencies that required purulent collection drainage and admission to the Intensive Care Unit. This entity, although rare, is potentially fatal and should be known for early diagnosis and treatment.