Mian M, Silfvast-Kaiser AS, Paek SY, Kivelevitch D, Menter A (2019) A Review of the Most Common Dermatologic Conditions and their Debilitating Psychosocial Impacts. Int Arch Intern Med 3:018.


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REVIEW ARTICLE | OPEN ACCESS DOI: 10.23937/2643-4466/1710018

A Review of the Most Common Dermatologic Conditions and their Debilitating Psychosocial Impacts

Madeeha Mian, BA1, Annika S Silfvast-Kaiser, MD2, So Yeon Paek, MD1,2, Dario Kivelevitch, MD2 and Alan Menter, MD1,2*

1Texas A & M College of Medicine, Bryan-College Station, TX, USA

2Department of Dermatology, Baylor Scott and White - Dallas, Dallas, TX, USA


The majority of skin conditions are not life-threatening; however, many can be severe and disfiguring enough to devastate a patient's quality of life. Skin diseases can significantly impact not only a patient's physical appearance, but also their social and emotional well-being. Even the smallest skin lesions have been shown to disrupt a person's level of overall wellness. Here, we aim to address the potential psychological and emotional impact of the most common and debilitating dermatologic conditions. We describe how skin disorders affect individuals and subsequently, how they are perceived by society. In addition, we review several dermatologic conditions that are not only skin-related, but are also linked to disorders of internal organs. Lastly, we weigh the importance of skin health and how clear skin not only increases an individual's satisfaction and quality of life, but also impacts their ability to reach their full potential.