Delgado-Moraleda JJ, Nogués-Meléndez P, Londoño-Villa L, Melo-Villamarín J, Anca AO, et al. (2019) Injuries Caused by Safety Belt Following a Traffic Accident. Int J Radiol Imaging Technol 5:053.


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Case Report | OPEN ACCESS DOI: 10.23937/2572-3235.1510053

Injuries Caused by Safety Belt Following a Traffic Accident

Juan-José Delgado-Moraleda*, MD, Pablo Nogués-Meléndez, MD, Luisa Londoño-Villa, MD, José Melo-Villamarín, MD, Anca Oprisan Anca, MD and Diana Veiga-Canuto, MD

Hospital La Fe Universitario y Politécnico, Spain


Wearing seat belt makes driving safer. Nevertheless, it can cause particular lesions. In this case report, we present a woman suffering the characteristic safety belt lesions on bowel, spine and aorta.