Kozyreva TV, Kozaruk VP, Meyta ES (2019) Effect of the Peripheral Trpm8 Ion Channel Activation on the Cardiovascular Parameters. Int Arch Clin Pharmacol 5:019.


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RESEARCH ARTICLE | OPEN ACCESSDOI: 10.23937/2572-3987.1510019

Effect of the Peripheral Trpm8 Ion Channel Activation on the Cardiovascular Parameters

TV Kozyreva1,2*, VP Kozaruk1 and ES Meyta1

1Institute of Physiology and Basic Medicine, Russia

2Novosibirsk State University, Russia


The role of TRP ion channels in the physiological processes is far from clear. In this work we studied the effect of the activation of the peripheral TRPM8 ion channel by its agonist menthol on the cardiovascular parameters in normotensive and hypertensive rats when animals were coming out of anesthesia. The role of the TRPM8 ion channel in the regulation of blood pressure was clearly seen in normotensive animals: Activation of this channel by application of 1% menthol (agonist of TRPM8 ion channel) to skin significantly accelerated the increase in blood pressure and recovery of heart rate when animals come out of anesthesia. The mean rate of pressure rise increased 3 times under the menthol. In hypertensive animals there was weaker and short-time increase in the rate of arterial pressure rise under menthol. Lower sensitivity of hypertensives to menthol is consistent with our previous data on the two fold decrease in the expression of Trpm8 gene in these animals. Recent results evidence that the TRPM8 ion channel is involved in the regulation of blood pressure and this depends on the level of the Trpm8 gene expression. A decrease in the expression of the Trpm8 gene in hypertensives can be a compensatory protection.