Mikky A, Al Busafi M, Al Salmi I (2019) The 'SAFE PT' Handover: Impact on Safe Patient Handover between Shifts in the Emergency Department. Int J Crit Care Emerg Med 5:088.


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RESEARCH ARTICLE| OPEN ACCESSDOI: 10.23937/2474-3674/1510088

The 'SAFE PT' Handover: Impact on Safe Patient Handover between Shifts in the Emergency Department

Ahmed Mikky, MD1*, Mohamed Al Busafi, MD1 and Issa Al Salmi, MD, PHD2

1The Emergency Medicine Department, The Royal Hospital, Oman

2The Medical Department, The Royal Hospital, Oman



This paper studies the Impact of SAFE PT tool in the handover process between shifts in the Royal Hospital adult emergency department (ED) and its impact on clinical improvement, patient satisfaction and decrease in length of stay (LOS) of patients. The study provides an insight into the end user adaptability and their opinions.


A prospective observational method; prior and post implementation survey comprising a questionnaire used to study the effects of the implementation of the SAFE PT handover.


50 participants each were approached prior and post implementation of SAFE PT to fill descriptive questionnaires. The new SAFE PT tool was found to be clear and user friendly. It enhanced the handover process to a smooth one and was found to be systematic and highlighted the high acuity patients as well as red flags of each patient handed over. The bedside handover coupled with the prefilled written SAFE PT made it a safe process with increased patient satisfaction emphasized by the significant reduction in percentage of patient LOS in the ED.


The SAFE PT handover proved to be a successful method of clinical handover between shifts in the ED with an impact on patient safety and care; leading to an increased patient satisfaction. It also contributed hugely to the reduction in the percentage of LOS of patients in the ED within 4 hours period. The result of the implementation of the new tool makes the ED proud to have a safe patient (SAFE PT) culture which is user friendly and one which has an emphasis on smooth patient flow. A 'SAFE PT' is indeed a 'HAPPY PT'.