dos Santos VM, dos Santos LAM (2018) Malignant Melanoma Arising of Gland Pigmentary Disorders. Int J Pathol Clin Res 4:072.


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LETTER TO EDITOR | OPEN ACCESS DOI: 10.23937/2469-5807/1510072

Malignant Melanoma Arising of Gland Pigmentary Disorders

Vitorino Modesto dos Santos* and Lister Arruda Modesto dos Santos

Armed Forces Hospital, Estrada do Contorno do Bosque, Brazil


Malignant melanoma represents up to 5% of cutaneous cancers, but up to 75% of the cases have fatal outcomes. The early diagnosis and prompt treatment can reduce the impressive mortality rate of this ominous malignancy. Both amelanotic and melanotic melanoma may be associated with delayed clinical suspicion and late diagnosis, harmful occurrence that may be related to lack of awareness of health care workers or unusual site of the tumors. The manuscripts herein commented described exceeding rare presentations of this challenging malignant tumor. The purpose is to enhance the suspicion index of primary health care workers about uncommon clinical features.