Cuce F (2019) Adreniform Shape of Nonadenom Surrenal Lesion: Lymphoma. Int J Radiol Imaging Technol 5:043.


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CASE REPORT | OPEN ACCESS DOI: 10.23937/2572-3235.1510043

Adreniform Shape of Nonadenom Surrenal Lesion: Lymphoma

Ferhat Cuce*

Department of Radiology, Gulhane Education and Training Hospital, Turkey



A 37-year-old male patient with a complaint of malaise applied to the internal medicine. The abdominal CT revealed an huge nonadenom adrenal mass lesion with 51 × 43 × 64 mm size. The significant finding was adreniform shape of gland was maintained in the lesion.

The adrenal lymphoma should be considered in patients with adreniform shape of nonadenom adrenal lesion on CT. The MRI enables differentiation of adrenal adenomas from other adrenal malignancies, but specific diagnosis might not be achieved with this modality.