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Reyes J (2022) Pharmacists as Members of the Multidisciplinary Care Team. J Fam Med Dis Prev 8:147.

Letter to Editor | OPEN ACCESS DOI: 10.23937/2469-5793/1510147

Pharmacists as Members of the Multidisciplinary Care Team

Jacob Reyes, PharmD*

McLaren St. Luke's PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency, USA

The article by González-Ballesteros, et al. [1] demonstrated improved diabetes control utilizing a multidisciplinary team. Although the results were positive, it would have been ideal to include a clinical pharmacist in the therapy program as well. Several publications illustrate that clinical pharmacists significantly benefit patient care, particularly in diabetes management.

Clinical pharmacists are an important member of the care team. This was reiterated in an article by Halalau, et al. [2] where a diabetic care team involving clinical pharmacists significantly improved HbA1c values. Additionally, a meta-analysis from Coutureau, et al. [3] found that pharmacist interventions in the primary care setting also drove a significant decrease in HbA1c levels. Nogueira, et al. [4] in their meta-analysis, demonstrated that clinical and educational interventions from a pharmacist resulted in significant reductions in HbA1c as well.

In summary, the literature is present to support pharmacists as a vital resource to include in the multidisciplinary care team. By including a clinical pharmacist in the study by González-Ballesteros, et al. [1] the results may be even more impressive and sustainable. I encourage including pharmacists in further studies.


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Reyes J (2022) Pharmacists as Members of the Multidisciplinary Care Team. J Fam Med Dis Prev 8:147.