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 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2474-3631/1510031

A Grounded Theory Study on the Academic Performance of Female Adolescents in the Context of Family Alcohol Addiction

Nina Aulmann and Simon Forstmeier

Article Type: Research Article | First Published: August 09, 2019

It is estimated that about 10-20% of children and adolescents live with a parent with alcohol problems. Psychosocial consequences like difficulty concentrating or learning, and the development of maladaptive coping strategies lead to a higher risk of addiction and to further psychological disorders. The aim of the current study is to investigate the subjective consequences of pathological alcohol consumption on the learning behavior of adolescents and young adults at school....

 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2474-3631/1510030

Applications of Physical Restraint and Developing a Rating Scale


Article Type: Original Research | First Published: March 11, 2019

The research was planned as a methodological study with the aim of determining nurses' behavior in the application and evaluation of physical restraint and to establish the validity and reliability of the scale developed. The population of the study consisted of all of the nurses working at a teaching and research hospital in the province of Izmir, Turkey. The study was carried out among nurses (N = 302) using Nurses' Identification Form and a Physical Restraint Application and Evaluation Scale...

Volume 5
Issue 1