Sökücü SN, Özdemir C, Kahya O, Önür ST, Dalar L (2019) Management of Obstructive Bronchial Fibrolipoma Bronchoscopically. Int J Respir Pulm Med 6:117.


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Case Report | OPEN ACCESS DOI: 10.23937/2378-3516/1410117

Management of Obstructive Bronchial Fibrolipoma Bronchoscopically

Sinem Nedime Sökücü1, Cengiz Özdemir1, Özlem Kahya1*, Seda Tural Önür1 and Levent Dalar2

1Yedikule Chest Disease and Thoracic Surgery Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

2Department of Pulmonology, ─░stanbul Bilim University Medical Faculty, Istanbul, Turkey


Lipomas are unsual tumors endobroncially and they make 0.1 - 0.5% of lung tumors. Diagnosis is often misleading due to these non-specific symptoms and the appearance of the mass on imaging studies. Biopsy is the key feature for the diagnosis. The treatment for endobronchial lipoma is surgical or endoscopic resection. Early treatment may prevent distal lung damage. A patient with a mass lesion as a coincidental finding after chest trauma diagnosed as endobronchial fibrolipomatosis. Endobronchial treatment of this rare tumor and follow up is presented with review of literature.