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 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2572-3243.1510111

Musculoskeletal Disorders among Sugar Factory Workers in Jinja-Uganda: A Cross-Sectional Study

Aremu AB, Owino Alfred Odongo, Joseph J and Suleiman MA

Article Type: Research Article | First Published: April 24, 2022

Globally, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) combined account for more than a fifth of the total years lived with disability. This condition affects workers alone and people across the life-course in all regions of the world. Despite this long-standing awareness, MSDs continue to be the main reason associated with people with a work-related illness. The aim of this study is to explore the prevalence of work-related musculoskeletal disorders among workers in sugar factories in Jinja-Uganda. This st...

 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2572-3243.1510110

Does Open Reduction and Internal Fixation for Proximal Humeral Fractures Increase the Incidence of Osteonecrosis of the Humeral Head? A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

Wei Li, Lei Chen, Dongqiang Gu and Shunxin Zhang

Article Type: Research Article | First Published: March 31, 2022

Open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) for proximal humeral fractures is said to increase the incidence of osteonecrosis of humeral head. Fact or fiction? Therefore a systematic review was performed, searching multiple databases, online registers of randomized controlled trials (RCTs), and the proceedings of major meetings. All RCTs comparing the incidence of osteonecrosis of humeral head between ORIF and conservative treatment were identified. Two authors independently assessed methodologi...

 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2572-3243.1510109

Muscle Care™ Pain Relief Therapy vs. Voltaren® in the Relief of Trapezius Trigger Point Musculoskeletal Pain: A Placebo Controlled, Randomized, Double-Blinded Controlled Trial

Jack M Goodman, PhD, Ryan T Sless MSc, MB BCh, BAO and Brett P Guist BHSc, MS, DC

Article Type: Research Article | First Published: February 10, 2022

Compare differences in pain pressure threshold (PPT) at an identified myofascial trigger point in the upper trapezius muscle amongst office workers after the application of various topic analgesic products. Participants were recruited from their workplaces and assigned to a treatment arm, with both participant and investigators blinded. Baseline measurements of participants’ PPT obtained, and VAS used to determine pain severity. One of 6 treatments was applied with reassessment of PPT 7 minute...

 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2572-3243.1510108

Variations in Chronic Pain Intensity and Physical Function by Age and Sex for Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis

Ezinne Ekediegwu, E.N.D Ekechukwu and Adesola Odole

Article Type: Original Research | First Published: January 24, 2022

Treatment-seeking behaviour, evaluation and management approach, as well as responsiveness to management by individuals with knee osteoarthritis (OA) could be hampered by variations of common confounding (constant) factors of knee OA; age and sex. Studies that integrate age and sex variations in clinical factors such as pain intensity and physical function are limited. The aim of this study was to determine age and sex variations in pain intensity and physical function among individuals with kne...

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