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International Journal of

Cognition and Behaviour

International Journal of Cognition and Behaviour is an open access, peer reviewed journal that deals with the aspects of cognition and behaviour that mainly relates to learning and memory, language acquisition, knowledge processes and the way in which the brains normally represent and process information in the context of specific cognitive disorders. The journal is open and integrates traditional psychophysical methods, advanced cellular and molecular biology techniques and modern brain-scan technology for cognitive, behavioural and neural plasticity studies.

All the researchers, clinicians and other academic professionals can publish their findings from areas such as advanced paternal age and neurodevelopmental disorders, brain and action, circuits that mediate learning and extinction of conditioned fear, epigenetic regulation of psychiatric disorders, imaging neuroscience, neurogenic regulation of cognition, neurotrophin receptor signalling and cholinergic function, selective attention and multisensory integration, sensory neuroecology, vision, navigation and 'cognition' in animals with simple nervous systems, and applications to robotics, visual attention, neurodevelopmental disorders, etc.



Marcello Ciaccio


Department of Clinical Biochemistry

University of Palermo



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