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International Journal of

Rare Diseases and Disorders

International Journal of Rare Diseases and Disorders is an open access, peer reviewed journal focused to raise awareness of rare diseases among physicians, clinicians and other medical professionals. The journal majorly covers conditions in rare genetic diseases, skin conditions, heart conditions, blood disorders, cancers, pediatric conditions, infectious diseases, and soft tissues.

Journal selectively publishes articles those qualify the thorough peer review process and meet the international standards of scientific publishing. All published articles are made available online as soon they are published without accession barriers. The journal invites original, reviews, cases and other type of articles including but not limited to the areas of allergic and immunologic disorders, benign neoplasms, cancers, cardiac and vascular conditions, endocrine and metabolic disorders, gastroenterologic conditions, hematologic disorders, infectious diseases, musculoskeletal conditions, neurologic conditions, ophthalmologic conditions, pediatric diseases, rheumatologic disorders, skin and soft tissue conditions, etc.


Case Study 
Published Date: October 19, 2017
PDF     Full Text     Crossref DOI: 10.23937/ijrdd-2017/1710001

Khue Vu Nguyen


Department of Medicine and Pediatrics

University of California



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